for the 2016 championship:

  • Each team must have a team name and one contact person who handles all enrollment and communication
  • There are no restrictions on nationalities within a team or on having several teams from one country
  • Each dancer can participate in maximum one team (in each category, see rules)
  • Each team must register with minimum 4 couples. More couples may be added later (registration fee applies), until the enrollment closes,
  • All teams will be registered as WADF members (membership fee included on the 2016 competition registration)
  • Each team participating in the championship must submit the following in the enrollment:
    • name of the dance team participating
    • name and email address for the dance team contact person
    • enrollment fee (NOK 250 (approx €25) per team member, online payment). Price goes up May 30th to NOK 300 per dancer (approx. €30)
    • The contact person will be contacted after the registration to provide detailed information of the team members
  • To add a team to the competition, go to enrollment form.
  • Changes to enrolled teams may be done until enrollment closes (July 31st 2016):
    • Add new team members using the enrollment form. Enrollment fee for new members applies.
    • Remove or change team members. Team contact may email us and specify the changes. No refund is given for removed team members.
    • Withdraw the entire team from the competition. Team contact may email us and confirm that the entire team is to be withdrawn from the competition. No refund is given.

Dancers participating in the World Championship get a discount on SalsaNor’s Rueda Congress pass, details to be published at

Subject to ajustments