According to the rules of the World Championship, here is the music that will be used in the first rounds of the championship on Thursday Sep 1st.

The competing teams will not know in advance which of the songs they will be dancing to. Approximately 3 minutes will be played from the song in the contest, and then faded out.

  1. La vida es buena (Descember Bueno feat. Issac Delgado)
  2. Yuya (Elito Revé y su charangón ft. Yomil y el Dany)
  3. Siempre que llueva escampa (Maykel Blanco)
  4. Con Eleggua y con Orula (El Niño y la Verdad)
  5. Como tu te pones (El Mola)
  6. Aqui se enciende la candela (Pupy y los que Son son)